The Magic Plaster that could make you Healthier

These days, we’re much more aware of air quality and how it can affect our health. Formaldehyde and other chemicals are known to cause problems, so we put plants in our homes to absorb them.

But did you know that there is a plaster we can put on our walls to absorb harmful chemicals? It’s based on Japanese traditions.

Eco De Vita

That’s the name of this magic chemical-absorbing plaster. Shikoku International developed it, who based it on the plaster walls found in Japanese temples.

Instead of using gypsum, which is commonly used in modern-day plastering materials, Eco De Vita contains a porous earth which is made up of a fossilised type of prehistoric algae. That’s pretty cool.

The fossilised material absorbs chemicals and adjoining minerals easily, leaving the air cleaner in the room.

Chemicals are hiding in our homes

Believe it or not, you might find formaldehyde and other chemicals in your carpets, curtains, mattresses and insulation. The materials can release the gas for up to 30 years! Formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are linked to asthma and cancer.

The facts

Eco De Vita has two levels of finish at the moment. The first one can eliminate formaldehyde by more than 97% in four hours. But the other type, which is more porous, can completely eliminate formaldehyde in less than two hours!

Other ways the Japanese plaster can benefit your home is that it reduces pet odours and cigarette smoke.

It’s faster than traditional plaster

As we said above, Eco De Vita doesn’t need gypsum to bind. That means it takes less time for a plasterer to apply and it doesn’t take as long to cure. You can also spray it on!

Because the walls ‘breathe’, the plaster will absorb humidity when it’s warm and release moisture when it’s cold. Your room will feel much more comfortable.

So are you tempted to look into Eco De Vita? It’s not very common yet so it might take a while for you to find. But if it becomes the norm in homes, we’ll have much healthier and more comfortable lives.

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Emily Rivers

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