How to get rid of your Artex Ceiling

The Artex ceiling used to be one of the most classy finishes you could have. It’s a textured finish that is long lasting and easy to paint over.

In the 50s, 60s and 70s Artex was the thing to have in your home, but these days people are rushing to have it removed or disguised. But how can you do it?

If you’ve got an Artex ceiling you’d rather see the last of, follow our guide to see the best ways to get rid of your Artex ceiling.

Check for asbestos

As Artex was popular during the time when asbestos was widely used, your ceiling might contain the harmful substance.

Before you do anything, get your Artex ceiling surveyed by an asbestos specialist. If it does contain asbestos, you can’t remove it yourself – you’ll have to hire a professional.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of having it removed professionally, you might be better off painting it and learning to live with it.

Use a DIY Artex ceiling product

There are products available in DIY stores that are made for removing Artex. Just paint the product on, leave it for the time stated then scrape the Artex off once it has broken down.

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Plaster over it

Using products that break down the Artex can be messy, so if you don’t fancy it you could plaster over your Artex ceiling.

If you’re a competent DIY-er you could do a good job, but you’ll always get the best finish if you hire a professional to do it for you.

These are the steps that you or your plasterer will have to take to plaster the ceiling:

  • Sand down the Artex to get rid of any high points (if there is no asbestos present)
  • Coat the walls with PVA – this stops the plaster from soaking into the ceiling
  • Lay a thick coat of plaster that will cover most of the Artex
  • Add another layer or two until it is smooth

Use plasterboard

If you don’t fancy all of the mess associated with the other methods, you could plasterboard over your Artex ceiling then plaster over it. This is a good option for people with asbestos in their Artex as you won’t need to disturb it.

There are plenty of ways that you can get rid of your Artex ceiling, but you’ll always get the best results if you hire a professional. Use our service to find up to 4 contractors who can plaster over your ceiling for you.

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