3 Tips to Help You Maintain Your Plaster

If plasterboard is installed properly, it can last for a long time. But even top quality plaster walls will get damaged or wear out over time.

You can increase how long your plasterboard lasts by taking steps to maintain it. Looking after your plaster walls can be easy and doesn’t require any specialist skills.

Read on to find out 3 tips to help you maintain your plaster.

1. Repair cracks straight away

Keep an eye out for cracks appearing in your plaster. If you find any, try to repair them as soon as you possibly can.

You can do this my cleaning the area around the cracks and patching them up. You should then sand down and repaint it, so the area blends in with the old plaster.

If you don’t fix cracks when they first appear, you run the risk of them getting bigger. If they get too big you won’t be able to fix them yourself and will need to call in a professional.

2. Look after your walls

It sounds obvious, but if you look after your walls they will last for longer. Plaster can easily be damaged by doors and other things bumping into them. Be careful around your plasterboard and consider attaching door stops to your skirting boards. These will prevent doors from damaging plaster walls if they’re opened too hard.

If you do get dents or chips in your plasterboard from things bumping into it, these can be repaired in the same way as cracks. Patch, sand and repaint the area to make it look as good as new.

3. Know when to call in the pro’s

It’s important to know which plaster damage you can repair yourself and which work to leave to the professionals.

Large areas of damage may need a fibreglass mesh or tape to be placed behind the plaster to give the patching material something to stick to. If these aren’t used, the plaster will just collapse when it’s dried.

Professional plasterers will know how to repair holes and other damage quickly and effectively. So if you’ve got a big repair job, it’s best to find yourself a reliable contractor. Even if the damage is fairly minor, unless you’re 100% sure you can fix it properly you should consider finding a professional.

So now you should know more about how to maintain your plasterboard easily and effectively. Following these tips should mean that your plaster walls stay in better condition for longer.

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